Interview with the founders of The Nude Label

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We meet the duo behind the ethical Spanish underwear brand who set out to create functional underwear to support women’s everyday life. We talk transparency, local production and sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics with Nude Label founders Clara Ropero and Ana Alemany.


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Here at THE-ACEY we champion Style with Purpose, what's the purpose of Nude Label?
The Nude Label was born from a need of comfortable yet appealing undies with a good fit and support for women’s everyday life.

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We like to source brands doing business better, how do you think Nude Label are doing this?
In our opinion, we are doing business better because of our manufacturing process. We produce locally, which means we have full control over the entire production process.
Transparency throughout the production process is incredibly important to us. Our business focus lies on defending and promoting a socially conscious manufacturing process, through which we ensure our workers' well - being and ensure that they work under the appropriate working conditions and get paid fair wages. Encouraging women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, no matter what body shape, was another thing we focus on when creating new pieces. Hence why we offer a wide size range of undies, to make sure they can be worn by any woman, no matter what body type.

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We know no brand is perfect and we don't expect them to be either but is there anything your working towards at Nude Label to improve your social and environmental impact?
Absolutely; Our next goal will be focusing on finding more environmental friendly fabrics, as we want our clothes to have the least possible impact to our planet. We believe in the slow fashion approach and therefore want to promote concious and thoughtful clothing consumption. That is why we create a unique collection every year, based on basic quality pieces with a timeless design regardless of seasonal trends.

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And finally, something we love about Nude Label's lingerie:
Nude Label is committed to only using hypoallergenic and Nickel free buckles, closing hooks and rings in their Nude Label pieces in order to prevent skin irritations and allergies that may arise, since nickel is known to be the most common source of skin allergies. 

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Imagery by the incredibly talented Iringo Demeter: website & instagram

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