Natali Stajcic Co-Founder of The Pressery

Co-founder of London based almond milk brand The Pressery – Natali Stajcic is a major inspiration to all of us at THE-ACEY HQ. Residing at the helm of a successful start-up, Natali juggles her time between co-running a thriving business with motherhood (find out more about Natali’s business partner Chi, here). This week, we sat down with the inspirational entrepreneur to discuss the importance of transparency and consumers purchasing power.
How did you and the other The Pressery, the lovely Chi, first meet?
We met at a party on Kingsland Road around 8 years ago and bonded over our love of feeding people.
What was it that sparked the two of you to join forces and start up The Pressery?
Chi was frustrated with fashion and I was finding the hours of my events job challenging with a new baby. We wanted to work in food, had the idea, the timing was right and we went for it.




How do you juggle motherhood with the demands of a start up? What are some of the challenges that you face?
It is much easier to juggle when you work for yourself. I work non-traditional hours but they work for me. I start as soon as I drop my daughter at school, around 8.30am and I leave the office at 3pm to pick her up. I switch off entirely from work between 3pm until I put her to bed at 7pm and then I will bring my attention back to any pressing matters. I achieve what I can without running myself into the ground or working when so tired that I make bad decisions.


What ignited your interest in healthy food and wellbeing?
I have always loved food. I don’t think I am interested in ‘healthy food’ but I am interested in good ingredients and in cooking for yourself as much as possible. For me, health is eating a huge variety of foods, not being restrictive and remembering that exercise plays a vital role too. Exercise keeps a healthy body and also a healthy mind.


What do you hope to achieve by promoting transparency in the food industry?
I hope, by promoting transparency, that some of the larger consumer goods conglomerates will find it harder to hide behind clever advertising and that power will once again be in the hand of the consumer.



What is your advice for others who dream of starting up their own business?
First of all make sure that running a business is for you. There is so much talk about start-ups at the moment which is great, but make sure you have thought it through before taking the plunge. Running a business comes with a lot of stress and you have to be able to make quick decisions. That said, if you think you can do it then make a start and remember to test your idea rigorously.
What are your ACEY wardrobe essentials?
The Edward Wrap Scarf in Llama wool, Matt & Nat Black Central Vegan Wallet and ANYTHING by Marina London (coming soon!).


Our ethos is ‘style with purpose’, an attribute that we believe all of our ACEY-WOMAN embody in their work and lifestyle. What does this phrase means to you?
For me it means being comfortable in your clothes. Not wearing something because it’s fashionable but because you like it.
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