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Our Stand on Black Friday

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While we are a clothing retailer, and as such are obviously encouraging the purchasing of products, we like to think our Acey Women are buying garments they genuinely want and will wear again and again.

After much debate we have decided not to participate in the madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These sales go against our value of working with brands doing business better. We work with designers reducing their social and environemntal impact. The notion of someone making purchases riding on the thrill of a hefty discount didn't sit well with us.

Instead, we are launching our Pass It Forward campaign, partnered with the clothing charity Traid. Traid gives your old clothes a new life by selling them at charity shops. Proceeds are then invested into improving working conditions for workers in the clothing industry. Learn more about Pass It Forward here.

We will continue to offer first time customers 10% off when they sign up to our mailing list and are offering free international shipping on all orders.


Holly founder of THE-ACEY