The Beauty of Block Printing


block printing with pink city prints - ethical fashion

We're taking a closer look at the people behind one of our mindfully made brands, Pink City Prints. Their founder Molly Russell was travelling through India when she came across the exquisite block printing artisans in Jaipur. Originally from the UK, Molly now spends half the year in Jaipur India working alongside the artisans to create a beautiful collection of dresses and tops. We explore the intricate process of block printing further...

Block-printing is an ancient traditional craft, unique to the Chhipa caste (aka cotton printers & dyers) in Jaipur and surrounding areas. It starts with a design that is drawn directly onto a slab of wood and the pattern is etched out using a metal cutter. Traditional Indian motifs can be incredibly detailed which reflects the level of skill involved. Lengths of fabric are then rolled out and pinned on long trestle tables, ready for printing. The wood block is dipped into a colour tray, carefully applied to the fabric and then repeated. Each stroke requires extreme precision and requires a steady, practiced eye to achieve uniformity. The colours are applied one at a time in layers, the palm trees on the kaftan require several layers to achieve the finished look.

block printing with pink city prints - ethical fashion  The talented block printers in Jaipur, creating Pink City Prints collection

Pink city prints block printing method Carefully applying the block to the fabric in a uniformed fashion, this black outline of a palm tree is the first staged of creating the palm pattern.

Pink city prints block printing Here you can see the layers of the palm tree being applied intricately.

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