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What Is Peace Silk? An Explainer

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We are constantly striving to learn about the processes involved in producing the products we sell. When our founder Holly discovered Kiss & Tell, a peace silk brand based in Amsterdam, the term piqued her curiosity. What defines peace silk as opposed to traditional silk? We've tried to keep it simple for you...


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What does the term "peace silk" mean?

Peace silk is also known as ‘Ahimsa’ silk, from the Buddhist belief in non-violence. In the context of silk fibre production, this refers to taking an ethical approach to the treatment of silk worms in the gathering of silk strands.


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What does the process of making peace silk look like?

Rather than boiling or piercing the silk worm's cocoon to extract silk fibres, producers of peace silk wait to harvest until the worm has emerged from and discarded its cocoon.

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What does peace silk look like?

Peace silk fibres are shorter than traditional silk which can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage for designers. We love the natural finish it creates.


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Our new Dutch designer Kiss & Tell only use 100% peace silk to create their beautiful scarves. 

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