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Why We’re Manufacturing Locally in London

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When we decided to create our own in-house collection for The Acey, we knew we wanted to be as transparent as possible about the process from start to finish. Each step along the way involves making choices, not only about colour and shape, but also about ethical and environmental considerations. We knew we’d be learning along the way and wanted to share some lessons about choosing to manufacture our garments locally in London.

Read on for our second sneak peek behind the scenes before we launch The Acey In-House Collection in August.


With our in-house brand, we’re joining other Acey labels choosing to manufacture close to home. See, for example, The Nude Label and Diarte. Both companies are led by women who returned to their home country after travels and studies elsewhere to design and produce their collections locally. When it came to our in-house collection it seemed the simple choice to produce close to home, we knew we wanted to be present from pattern cutting to the last stitch. Keeping our headquarters close to manufacturing shortens the supply chain, supports the local economy and builds a strong foundation for a good working relationship with our manufacturers. We think that all these aspects are an important step towards ensuring everyone who is part of the production process is supported, happy, and healthy.


Supporting local economies

Manufacturing sustainably means taking a multi-pronged approach to sustainability, and that includes considering economic impacts. All of our dresses are being manufactured in London, the same city in which the small staff at our studio live and work.


Supporting practices with low environmental impact

By manufacturing in London, we are reducing one major step in the shipping process. This cuts down on our company's environmental footprint. Even though we always ship by carbon-neutral delivery service, every little bit helps.


Supporting healthy, fulfilling working environments

We are proud to employ textiles workers in our own city. The pattern-cutting studios and production facilities we work with are based in London and ensure high working standards. Being close to our manufacturers means that we can visit ourselves rather than relying on long-distance communication. We also believe this creates a better product because we can see and feel the materials we’re using. Real-time feedback through the sampling stage is simpler this way.

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Image courtesy of Camila Falquez