About Us

Simple, sustainable wardrobe solutions for modern women


Our Design Process:

Design with intent and longevity in mind

At The-Acey we believe great design always has a purpose. Our collections are designed with women and their lives in mind. We consider every aspect of our business. From packaging to zips, from button counts to patterns. The details are essential in our design but also our approach to business. We care because we want women to be confident in their purchasing and ultimately in their clothes. 







Our Manufacturing: 



On-demand production, made 30 minutes from our East London studio 

When we looked at the industry we realised that one of the biggest issues was overproduction, which results in huge amounts of waste. By creating an on demand production system we’re only manufacturing what women want, when they need it.




Our Materials:

Single fibre, natural fabrics - no blends or synthetics

In a conscious effort to benefit the wearer and the world we choose to only use natural fabrics made from one single fibre.

- incredibly breathable to wear
- we believe single fibres wash better than blends, as two different fabric properties are not working against each other
- no micro-plastics are released into our water systems when washed, this occurs when synthetics are washed
- if a garment comes to the end of it's life, textile manufacturers can easily break down single fibre fabrics - blends are tricky
- natural fibres can biodegrade when disposed of correctly


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